Following my previous post and project, we’ve recently put live the new RTC website.

The new websites requirements again included updating to a CMS system an older site we built 5+ years ago. Not only did we move over to a CMS but we also re-built the site from scratch using standard compliant HTML&CSS to replace the old tables (yuck) based layout.

Romany Theatre Company create inspirational drama, be it for theatre, television, or radio. Their work is rooted in the culture and experiences of Romany people and focuses strongly on their struggle for equality and challenges negative opinions of them and the lives that they lead.

They’re also committed to education, too – providing learning opportunities for Romany people and running accredited learning programmes. I’m quite passionate about instilling creativity -and the confidence to try new things- into the young and so I’m delighted to say I’ve also provided in a number of web design training course for them over the last few years too.

RTC are a really great bunch to work with and I’m look forward to not only reading Danielas blog posts but also looking forward to whatever their next project will be!