Cookie regulations – What they mean to you

As you may be aware, through recent news articles, there are new regulations which were implemented on 26th May 2012 regarding the use of cookies in websites

We have been working on an audit of all websites which are under our control, and it includes the following:

  • Identifying cookies being used
  • Confirming the purpose of each cookie
  • Which category these fall into – are they strictly necessary
  • Confirming if these are session or persistent
  • If they are first or third party cookies
  • What they provide the user/ subscriber

We shall be contacting each of our clients independently to discuss their website and any cookies which they may currently have present. For the majority of cases, updating the privacy document will be enough to fully comply, as none of our websites have cookies which are seen as a nuisance or intrusive.

We will suggest the wording needed for the cookie document and if there is anything that can be done to your website to avoid any further action, and then implement this for you. Depending upon the amount of work required we shall advise of any costs which may be incurred.

Whilst there is a lot of discussion and news around cookies,we’d like to confirm that we are up-to-speed with the requirements on your behalf.