The first question we usually get asked is “How much will my website cost?”

We would love to have an easy answer (It would certainly save us time when quoting!) but the truth is we have built websites for as little as £300 and for as much as £15,000. It all comes down to what sort of website you require, the aims and objectives of the project and the exact web design services you would like us to provide.

Range of prices

If your looking for a designer to build (or rebuild) your current website you may have already found that there are often huge differences in quotes from one agency to another.

So why the disparity? How much should you be spending? And what should you look for?

Web design is a service

First of all web design is a service – not a product! When looking for a TV you can shop around to find the EXACT same make and model at very different prices. Its easy to shop around and whilst the service at one shop may be a little different if you pay £500 rather than £800 your safe in the knowledge the TV is the same make, model and quality.

But no two web sites are alike! If you pay one designer £2000 you can’t buy the exact same website from another designer for £1000 – like you can with the TV.

Most web design agencies have roughly the same sort of hourly rates, perhaps ranging from £30-80 per hour but quotes for a small business website are likely to range from £500 to £5000. So why the difference?

Well, in short, some web designers will spend longer than others on your website. Some care about your website and business – others don’t.

The house analogy

I often compare website development to that of building. If you asked an architect “How much for a building?” they wouldn’t be able to answer. It would be impossible as there are so many variables to consider! Do you want a house? A bungalow? An office block? How many floors? What style? What materials? The list goes on – and on.

In fact the architects best option would be to ask “What do you need the building for?” “What your exact requirements?” and “What sort of budget do you have?”

Good Web design is no different – its a consultative process – we tailor our services to meet your exact needs.

Get to the point – what are your costs!

Put simply it comes down to how long we spend! Our daily rate is £300 and all costs are derived from that.

So whilst we could build your website in a day we believe for you to get real long term value we need to research, plan and spend just a little bit of love and attention on your project.

So in an effort to be as honest, open and transparent as possible. Here is an break down of the costs and how we spent our time on a small business website that cost £2400.

    Please bare in mind three points:

  1. Costs generally range from £1000-4000 depending on your exact requirements.
  2. Its ultimately about the long term ROI your website delivers.
  3. Not all web design services are equal.

    Breakdown of time spent/costs:

  • 1 days project management – £300
  • 1 days research & planning – £300
  • 3 days design process – £900
  • 1.5 days CSS/HTML build & CMS integration – £450
  • 1.5 days for layout & build of content – £450
  • Total time 7.5 days. Total cost. £2400