We design and build wonderfully flexible WordPress websites

WordPress is an open source content-management system (CMS) that allows you to edit almost every element of your website – from text and image content, to adding new pages to optimising for search engines. With a huge community behind it and support for thousands of plug-ins providing additional functionality it’s an enterprise-level CMS that’s a pleasure to use and perfect for most small to medium sized businesses.

WordPress is a well-established, brilliantly supported, multi-faceted, easiest to use open source content-management system (CMS).

With WordPress you have the ability for your website to be updated quickly and simply – and only as often as you require it. Not only that, the impressive range of options available means it is easy for even the busiest business to maintain a fresh, smart website.

Bespoke Design & Development

The beauty of WordPress is that the design and markup is completely separate from the content, so we can design and build you a completely custom website you a site that’s suited to your needs, not the limitations of the CMS.

By using WordPress we are able to build you a website unique to your business and perfect for your requirements. This is why WordPress has proven so successful in providing the perfect basis for small to medium business websites.

Theme & Template Builds

If your on a tighter budget or would like a website within a few weeks using a pre-existing Theme or Template is an extremely cost effective way to get a great looking, professional website up and running quickly.

WordPress also provides impressive options for businesses on a budget through the use of Themes or Templates that can be customised to your needs.

WordPress benefits include

  • Manage the text and image content across all the pages of your site
  • Add new pages and have menus and navigation update automatically
  • Built in social media functions – post automatically to Facebook – reducing your workflow
  • Manage keywords, descriptions and other metadata across all pages – great for Search engine optimisation

– You control the text and images used on your website

– You can change pages on your website, including adding new ones, with ease

– You can link your website to useful applications such as Google Analytics or Facebook/Twitter

– You can easily improve your online presence by managing keywords linked to Search Engine Optimistation


Got an existing website but can’t update it easily?

We’re able to retro-fit WordPress into your current site. If you’re happy with how things are looking, but don’t have the ability to manage the content, we can plug-in WordPress to your current site design.

WordPress can even be added to a current website so you can have the control without changing the design.